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Process for starting Heraud partner training center under PMKVY 2.0 scheme

  1.  Your center should be a minimum of 3000 sq ft.  Smaller space may be considered for certain job roles, please speak with us.
  2. You can choose any job roles that you may be interested in.
  3. All domain and equipment and IT labs should be ready as per equipment list (available with Heraud).
  4. You should have details of all individual equipment, measured accurate area of each classroom, lab and facility at your center.
  5. You should have resumes and names of each of your employees including trainers, admin officers, MIS officer, receptionist, mobilizer, placement in-charge etc. 
  6. The center details will be uploaded on to the NSDC portal as a Heraud center as soon as the details are reveceived and fees paid as per the fee schedule.
  7. Quality Council of India (QCI) will inspect and audit the center as per the equipment and infrastructure mentioned on your form.
  8. QCI inspection details will be notified to you as soon as this is available.
  9. Once the QCI inspection is complete and your center is deemed as passed- you can start training under PMKVY 2.0.


Registration fees payable to NSDC 

  1. Rs.12000 as one time center audit fees.
  2. Rs.1000 per job role as equipment audit fees.

(For example if you wnt to run 3 job roles you will have to pay Rs.12000 + Rs.3000= Rs.15000 as registration  fees.)
Affiliation fees payable to NSDC
(After and when QCI clears the center)

  1. Affiliation and continuous monitoring fees of Rs.8000.
  2. Sector Skill Council affiliation fees and Rs. 6000 per job role.

(For example 3 job roles will cost Rs.18000 in SSC affiliation + Rs.12000 in monitoring = Rs.30000 before starting the center. Any unforeseen expenses may also occur and will be borne by your center)

The numbers will be allocated by NSDC directly to the center for 3 months initially and annual targets will be provided by NSDC thereafter. The scheme will run from 2017-2020 which is approximately 4 years.
Heraud will maintain a central MIS and accounting team at its Head Office.

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