Heraud is an Indo-Australian organization. While Heraud started as a skill training provider, Heraud, with it’s industry linkages and demand, quickly moved to become a staffing and manpower provider. with skill training provider. Heraud is credited with being the first Australian company to bring Australian VET skills to India via a Government to Government MOU signed between TAFE SA Government of South Australia & Union Government of India and to become a partner of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in India.  This was in 2014. Since then Heraud went on to open hundreds of skill training centers in various South East Asian economies. Over 50,000 candidates use our platforms regularly. 

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the best possible. Heraud since it’s inception in 2014 has moved from strength to strength. From growing 100% year on year, every year, to having recruitment and skilling centers in 22 international states, running training under 9 different industry sectors. Apart from CSR and Corporate training, Heraud also runs training under various Government schemes.



We provide workforce that is verified and ready to be deployed in the industry- with over 20,000 candidates already verified, many of them trained in-house and over 5000 candidates being trained each year for placements with our industry partners.



In house team that works closely with the industry to what is relevant and gives our candidates a fair chance of employment in the industry. Heraud imparts soft skill and behavioral training to each candidate that we enrol to make sure they are ready to face the real world.



Apart from training all candidates in soft skills and behavioural skills, Heraud also trains under corporate training programs where upgraded skill training is imparted to candidates that are already employed by our client corporates. We have trained over 20,000 students till date.

Heraud Candidates - Trusted By The Best
Running The Best Training Programs
"We have recruited over 50 candidates from Heraud and the one thing that stands out is their behavioural skills that are very hard to come by in an entry level professional"
Alene Vanchook
HR Manager
"We have hired Pharmacy Assistant candidates from Heraud. These candidates have a thorough understanding of their domain and have the zeal to learn and move forward within their trade."
Mithali Sharma
Admin Head, Hospital